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Have you ever found yourself wondering what your true purpose in life is? Or perhaps you’re trying to figure out why you keep seeing, hearing, or encountering the same numbers or symbols over and over again? Angel decoding is a method of learning to comprehend and give meaning to the intuitive messages you receive; it is a means of angel communication. Scientific studies show that intuition is an inherent characteristic of the human race. Learning to decode and comprehend the messages angels are conveying is an amazingly fun and easy skill. All you need is an open mind, a loving heart, a little guidance, and some practice, and you will be discerning and demystifying angelic messages in no time.

As a young child in Sao Paulo, Brazil, I found peace and friendship among my angels and spirit guides. For several years, I was separated from my mother, beginning at the age of three. My brave young mother left me in the care of my grandmother and her eldest sister in order to travel to America to find a better life for us. In the early 1960s, telephones were not a standard feature in every South American home, so calling my mother, who lived more than 5000 miles away, was a rarity. Our household consisted of my aunt Geny, my grandmother, and me. The three of us lived in a sparse-but-tidy two-bedroom apartment. Lacking playmates and toys, I spent hours talking to my angels. I didn’t know they were angels; I saw them as sparkles of rainbow light––like beams from the sun––and felt them as cuddly sensations of energy. I felt safe, happy, and peaceful when I played with these loving angelic lights.

Raised a devout Catholic, I recall pictures of Jesus and Mother Mary, as well as a crucifix, hanging on the walls of our tiny apartment. Every Sunday, we dressed in our best clothes for church and walked a couple of miles to a church, where we sat through a tireless, two-hour mass. My aunt and grandmother taught me to pray every morning and every night. Sometimes we would pray the rosary, sometimes we would talk to Jesus, and more often we spoke to God. I learned that angels were always around us, and each of us was blessed with a guardian angel. I told my aunt several times that I played with the angels when she was gone to work all day, and she smiled and said, “Good.” I am sure she was just humoring me, but her positive response was all the encouragement I needed to keep myself entertained by the beautiful, sparkly lights that comforted me each day.

I believe angels are assigned to us at birth, when God stated to our little souls, “Here is a part of me to always to be with you.” Then the angels followed us out into this vast world, promising to support us, guide us, and encourage us whenever we asked. In faith, we are to pray to God and give all the glory to the Lord, but we are to ask the angels––God’s messengers––for help. The angels need our permission in order to intervene on our behalf; they are bound to honor our freewill. So I say, willingly ask your angels to support you in all you do and dream of, and then the angels will have free rein to carry us through our life’s challenges, opportunities, and dilemmas. Throughout my years, I have called on my angels to help me to make important decisions and to send healing, courage, and love to other people. I have called on them to protect my loved ones and to bring miracles to those who are open and faithful.

Every one of us can pray and set an intention for an important outcome. We are unlimited creative beings of exceptional ability. Often, learning how to tap into our abilities and talents takes a bit of coaxing. With the right circumstance, teacher, or synchronistic opportunity, we can each find ourselves encountering a new discovery about our skills and spiritual gifts. Yes, Angel Decoding can be defined as a spiritual gift
––a gift you can tap into with the help of this book and some practice.

I believe we are all capable of communicating with our guardian angels and soul guides. I have witnessed numerous people realize the ability of greater intuition and angel communication during my workshops, often within a few hours time. I teach that learning how to communicate with angels is similar to learning how to read. The angels begin to help you build a glossary of symbols, impressions, awareness, and sensations. You need only to pay attention to the subtle messages and lessons from your angels in order to build your own angel-decoding lexicon/glossary. Once you learn to discern the gentle messages from your angels and guides, you will realize what an incredible gift of guidance and support your intuition can be. Living in joy, purposeful and aligned with God’s greatest intentions, is a blessing indeed!

A First Lesson~ The Power of Love and Connection 

On the day of my fourth birthday, I was really missing my mother. “Where can I find my mama?” I asked my grandmother, my dear Vovo. Tears filled my eyes and spilled over, tracing the hollows of my cheekbones. Vovo reached out to touch my cheek and wipe away the tears, and then she put her plump arms around me and tenderly kissed my forehead. Cradled safely in my grandmother’s arms, I recall listening intently as she shared an amazing secret of connecting intuitively with another person across great distances. My Vovo said, “Don’t cry, my sweet child. The ones we love are always with us in our heart. Now, take a deep breath, and as you do so, hold your hands to your heart.” I did as she suggested, and it felt as if I were starting on a kind of journey. With my hands to my heart, I snuggled in closer to my Vovo. I took another deep breath and felt calm and excited all at once. Then she said, “Close your eyes and picture your mama. Pretend she is so close you can see her bright brown eyes and touch her face. Now keep repeating ’Mama’ to yourself as you sense the love from her heart unite with your own. Experience her as if she is right beside you, and you will know how she is feeling in this very moment. If you take another breath, you can even understand what she is thinking. It’s as if she is right here with you, inside your own mind and heart.”

That day, I learned the lesson of a lifetime. It was my first intuitive experience, and I have continued to build my emotional quotient ever since. Perhaps it was childlike wonder or innocence; conceivably it was God’s blessing on my life in a teachable moment. What we learn willingly and experience deeply is remembered and imbued within us forever. From that day forward, I practiced the exercise numerous times a day. It was several years before I set eyes on my mother again, yet beginning with the moment when I learned to connect with her through my heart, I seldom felt deprived of her love and essence. To this day, I call upon the skill to connect emotionally across extended distances in order to “check in” with those I love and care about.

You can learn this method too, this strategy for messaging through the angel network. It’s as if we are dialing into a private channel reserved by angels, allowing you to reach anyone you love on the other end of the line. A high-frequency channel accessed through the power of love and the essence of pure intention. It is an energy frequency reserved for each of us with the greatest of intentions, through a channel of love and light.

Angel Decoding is filled with the actual applied-and-tested methods of intuitive awareness as I have taught them in my workshops over the last twelve years. Hundreds of people can attest to their successes using these strategies and the life-changing results they have achieved. The book’s title emphasizes the skill of decoding, similar to the decoding we use when learning to read. By engaging and utilizing our six senses, we can make communication with the angels a breeze. Angel Decoding highlights ten key concepts sure to capture the attention of the spiritually-minded person and win the hearts of the angel lover.

With passion, I set out to directly guide you––the reader––toward a deeper understanding of your true perceptive self, to inspire and challenge you to move toward an authentically-intuitive life with full use of your sensory potential. Establishing a clear connection with the Divine is key to opening a clear path to your life’s purpose. Outcomes include an insurgence of confidence as capacities blossom and, in turn, transform the way you make decisions, view goals, and assess life. Whether you are searching for deeper meaning and direction in life, or you are simply interested in angels, you will find it easy to open your heart and soul to the lessons in this book, Angel DecodingSecret Keys to Communicating with your Angels.

I hope you enjoyed this excerpt from my new book.

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Angel Decoding – Maria Gurney Peth, PhD : Balboa Press

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