What is Your Super Power?

This decision regarding your superpower began before you arrived on planet Earth. The planet needs each one of us to hold up our part of the grand plan and truly step into who we are meant to be. I am of the belief that each soul has come to earth with a divine purpose. Your higher self, your divine consciousness in its eternal soul form had clear intentions and heard the call, “Earth is in trouble and needs Lightworkers to save the planet, who will help?” If you are here today in modern times, you answered the call. All that is needed is for you to –Wake up! And remember your mission while you embrace your superpowers! Sounds easy right? Well, it can be, but often we don’t believe, nor pay attention to the clues and nudges offered to us by our higher knowing, or our greater consciousness.

As a planet, we are gaining momentum while more of humanity arises to the truth of our existence and humanity’s unlimited potential as creative beings. The term “Awakening” is used interchangeably with “Enlightenment” to describe a level of conscious understanding, realization, and awareness. As a social psychologist and Angel Decoding practitioner, I have engaged my own superpower as an intuitive and have worked with thousands of individuals in the last twenty years, in private sessions as well as in groups to teach, guide and communicate messages from the angelic realm. The happiest and most joyful of my clients have learned and studied with me, to tap into their own ability to hear, know, see, feel, and trust this guidance which emerges from within – a superpower of support unique to each, blessing them on their life path.

Trusting and honoring yourself, your quirkiness and your own grand ideas are vital. No one understands your mission better than you. It was completely unconventional of me to open up to the public about my innate intuition and ability to communicate with angels and spiritual energy. I was a typical public school teacher, what was I thinking? Actually, I wasn’t thinking, I moved through the fear of what others might think of me and right to knowing my mission to teach and enlighten others on the path to spiritual growth. I remember stating with confidence, to a few well-intentioned family members who were concerned for my future, “No one gets between me and what God has intended for me.” Now, as I reflect back to the last twenty years, whole populations of Lightworkers and holistic practitioners have emerged in our community and beyond. With a little nudge and perhaps a note of encouragement more of us will realize that we entered our earthly existence armed with mind-blowing abilities, purpose, and gifts so that we can save ourselves, and establish the utopia on our planet we were commissioned to create and exist in.

What are some superpowers? A recent internet search offered lists, quizzes and various suggestions, not all of them are in reference to spiritual growth, but definitely regard personal growth and development. We humans are amazing! Following is a shortlist of superpowers we, humans, are currently known for, we can: embrace, compute, heal with our touch and intention, read minds, dance to delight, stand for and speak our truth, communicate with animals- plants- trees, scale hillsides and tall mountains, listen with our hearts, create life, run great distances, manifest joy, mend a broken heart, teach small children and the young at heart, rehabilitate, perform intricate surgical procedures, invent, lead others to their truth, fly, swim, counsel, empathize, synthesize, pray, play a tune, sing to enlighten- sooth or inspire, guide from above, and love in numerous ways. There are as many superpowers as are humans on this earth. However, the goal is always the same, we are to unite and collaborate our efforts in order to create nirvana on earth. In my opinion, nothing directs our efforts more specifically than the element of unconditional love for self and thy neighbor.

Love thy neighbor as thyself. (Matthew 22-verse 39). I believe this is the secret of life, but this is a whole other story.

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Maria Gurney Peth Ph.D. is an author, spiritual teacher, certified life coach, and one of her Super Power’s is the ability to communicate with the angels, souls and spirit guides in the greater Universe.  You can find more information at her website www.MariaPeth.com 

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Maria Gurney Peth is a spiritual teacher, social psychologist, intuition expert, and author, in high demand for her ability to connect with the angelic realm.

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