What is an Angel Reading?

I love being a vessel and channel for the Angels. I am constantly amazed at the depth of love they have, and what happens when that love is fully received. Everyday I witness a vision become a reality in my client’s lives. Connecting with the Angelic realms, offers understanding and awe-inspiring guidance beyond compare.

An Angel Reading is an opportunity to connect with the Angels and receive guidance. These loving beings of light have so much to share, and are always willing to respond to requests for support. Each of us is naturally intuitive, and one of the intentions of each reading is to expand your own awareness and personal intuition therefore, supporting a remarkable and transformative journey through your life.

A session begins with a prayer, asking God and the angels to work with us. Next, we ask for a message from your guardian angels. Your guardian’s are a gift from God at birth. I image God looking at our little souls and saying, “Here are your Guardian Angels, they will be with you throughout your life on Earth. Remember to refer to them often.” These beautiful beings of light offer guidance and insight into your soul’s mission, often in an angel reading, messages and information-shared works to extend our awareness and capacity for love.

At last we are ready for your questions for the angels. You are welcome to ask anything about yourself, your loved ones who are living as well as loved ones who have made their transition from Earth. Answers and guidance come as you open your heart and soul in faith. Once asked, the angels instantly offer individual guidance for your life. The messages flow through insightful streams of vision, subtle sensations, metaphorical symbols, multihued impressions, clair-cognitive knowing and holistic understanding.

In addition to having your questions answered are the metaphysical benefits of holistic healing, which takes place during an angel reading. Not only will the angels help you to identify what you want to have happen, and work to manifest the perfect outcome, for the highest good of all concerned, But they will also work through a variety of modalities to clear and balance your energy, remove blocked or stagnate energy, release old patterns of beliefs, manage past life issues and support chakra clearing. All you need to do is have faith in God and the angels in order to receive this additional benefit. Upon the completion of a session many clients report feeling lighter and less troubled than when we started. It is as if a weight has lifted off of their shoulders.

A transformation begins with the first prayer and keeps working through the session until the ending prayer. An angel card or two are drawn at the conclusion of the reading. It is amazing how often the theme of the angel card matches and resonates with a main message given through the process of the reading, often prompting clear action steps to support a necessary action in your life.

Learning how to interpret these delicate impressions, to pay attention to the remarkable signs we are given through spirit is the subject of my forthcoming book.

Angel Song, Living a Remarkably Intuitive Life

I look forward to sharing my book with you in the coming months.


Maria Gurney Peth,

Spiritual teacher

Angel Therapist

Writer, offering Inspiration for your Soul and Guidance for your Life!

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Maria Gurney Peth is a spiritual teacher, social psychologist, intuition expert, and author, in high demand for her ability to connect with the angelic realm.

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