Transforming through the Power of Intuition

Set Your Intention: Intuition will follow your natural interests & intentions and supports what is most important to you.

Clearly define your goals, this opens your creative path and your higher mind will focus on supporting them.

“What I think today, creates tomorrow.”

Get Grounded: Begin your day in an energetically clear and calm state.  Stay committed to your goals, unafraid of others opinions, capable of making sound decisions.

“I am calm, confident and capable of all that comes my way today.”

Become Organized: An organized mind can account for and recognize subtle intuitive and subconscious messages important to everyday success.

“I prioritize my day, and maintain order within myself, & my surroundings.”

Stimulate Your Creativity: Being innovative and creative is the greatest compliment to our intuitive senses. Feed your creativity, with humor, brainstorm, playfulness, and inspiration.  Often, we get stuck, yet creative prompts are all around us calling for us to engage.

“I take time to lighten up, to dream of unlimited possibilities.”

Create a Sacred Workplace: Energy is in every part of our Earth. Bring a bit of nature into your workspace.  Add an aquarium, fountain, aromatherapy, a plant, a crystal or touchstone.

“I am responsible for the sacred which surrounds me, I take care of my environment and it takes care of me.”

Be Decisive: Trusting our intuitive impressions will lead to success. Know when it is time to let go of that which isn’t working for you; an ad campaign, an employee, a career. Our intuition, our gut feelings are a gift. Do not worry that others don’t agree with you, often the genius of a decision does not include the masses.

“I am confident in my decisions, I check within for clarity, and I trust my gut.”

 Tips for success:

  1. Before rising, mentally review your schedule, image each person, situation that your will face, along with the outcome you want to create with each one.  Pray, invite the guidance from the greatest source to join you today.
  2. Breathe deeply as you see your day, and continue to cue yourself to breathe deeply throughout the day to realign your energy, and increase oxygen to your brain and muscles.
  3. Drink plenty of water to hydrate and nourish all the cells in your body.
  4. Pay attention to your schedule, learn to say “no” and do not over load your day, or schedule, or life.
  5. Take time to play, to exercise to enjoy the present moment.
  6. Take time to reflect in meditation or a time of centering.  Jesus encourages us to….“Be still and Listen”
  7. yourself with successful, positive people, situations & environments.
  8. Read and educate yourself in your areas of interest. Never stop learning!

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Angelic Enlightenment

Maria Peth, PhD.

Parts of the information contained within has been supported & inspired by the book “Trust your Vibes at work, and let them work for you.” Sonia Choquette. 

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Maria Gurney Peth is a spiritual teacher, social psychologist, intuition expert, and author, in high demand for her ability to connect with the angelic realm.

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