Three Keys, to a Fresh Start for 2018!

Three Keys, to a Fresh Start for 2018!

Happy New Year Angelic Friends!

Welcome to everyone who has subscribed recently to my newsletters, and a warm hello to everyone who has been following my blog for a while.

I pray you had a wonderful Holiday, took time to enjoy family and friends and to reflect on the passing year. Have you thought about what you want this new year to bring for you? What is your top priority?

In today’s blog, I offer three tips for a fresh start. Sometimes we have a tendency to repeat our old habits and then get frustrated with the same old results instead of being intentional about moving in a new direction and overcoming obstacles to your dreams and desires.

#1 Create a foundation of nurturing personal care, blended with self-compassion. Our inner life, our emotions, our center of being, reflects in our outer life. When we focus on making positive “inner” shifts, we naturally influence our daily lives and those around us. A peaceful mind is equal to being and feeling loving, no matter who or what attempts to threaten that peace.

What is the top priority for yourself this year? Start where you can most benefit, placing self-care and personal development as a central theme. Are you guided to work on: improving relationships, expanding your faith, creating more success in work/career, indulging in extreme self-care, centering your soul for more wisdom and inner peace, healing your body or your emotions, or opening your heart to new or renewed love?

Whatever your priority, personal care, and quiet reflection nurture your focus. Dedicate time and precious energy toward a mindful practice, such as: meditation, enjoy nature walks, engage in dance and movement, seek out gentle yoga or attempt some challenge poses to awaken new strength and flexibility, plan a personal retreat or join a group retreat, practice centered breath, or simply hold a prayerful intention to raise your consciousness and vibrational frequency.

The benefits of quiet reflective time spent with the Holy Spirit will bloom and you will cultivate a garden of inner wisdom to support and sustain your: mind, body, heart, and soul.

Recently I discovered “Focus -Concentration Music for Study and Relaxation.” I play it for background music when writing, working or meditating.

Speaking of reflective and engaging practice for personal growth, beginning February 7th, I will be offering a class/study group for those interested in the foundational spiritual concepts from A Course in Miracles! The class will run all year long! I hope you will join us. Some of the happiest people I know are students of ACIM (A Course in Miracles).

Follow this link for more information…

#2 Shift your limiting beliefs! We all have nagging moments of self-doubt. Silly ideas such as, “I’m not good enough”, “I’ve failed”, “They don’t like me.”, these silly thoughts seem to persist in the background of our insecure mind. In order to break free from the chains of self-sabotage, we must address and transmute our useless old negative beliefs. One of my favorite strategies for shifting toward positivity is outlined in the ACIM. The forgiveness sequence in Lesson 63, the course teaches,
“It is your forgiveness that will bring the world of darkness to the light.”

In my work as a life and soul coach, I have witnessed sustainable life-changing transformation using industry-tested effective strategies to support a shift in mindset away from sabotage and limiting core beliefs.

Students of my Transformation Therapy Training (TTT) class this past summer studied ten power strategies for overcoming some of life’s biggest hurdles. When we identify with universal principles of peace, and compassion, we are igniting a catalyst for change and creating a new inner dictation, this indeed is empowering personal work.

It takes time to transmute our old habits and negative self-talk. Even the strongest among us will find we return to old ways of thinking and doing from time to time. When this happens, be gentle with yourself. Being aware that you are repeating a defeating pattern is a great premise for change.

Awareness is a powerful building block to change! Call it a moment of impact, and gently ease into your new mindset. A mantra of positive affirmations can do a world of good, supporting new pathways of being and thinking.

Join me in March for Transformation Therapy Training

here is the link for more info TTT

#3 Plan some time to play and to create. We, humans, are by nature creative beings. All too often we get bogged down with tasks, demands, and expectations. When we reflect on the day, we find we have simply been checking off a “To-Do” list as opposed to living and enjoying our day. Change up your day, week, or month and sign up for a new class (dance, art, soul, music, instrument, or craft), start a fun a project or perhaps just turn up the music in your home creating your own new dance, it will open your energy to the joy and the freedom of letting yourself flow.

Classes coming soon:

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