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Many call our loved ones who have crossed over to heaven, angels. After a period of adjustment to their new existence in spirit, our deceased loved ones often check in with family members and friends still living on earth. They like to gently let you know that love never dies, and neither do they.

There are many different ways in which those on the “Other-Side” will try to communicate the message that they are well, vibrant and alive in heaven. Often these signs and symbols from heaven are known as ADC’s (After Death Communications). These ADC’s can come in many forms. These are spiritual experiences that can be recognized by anyone near and dear to the deceased; often signs from heaven happen spontaneously.

Signs from Heaven can be as subtle as a gentle touch on your shoulder, a kiss on the cheek, a tousle of your hair, a tingle up your spine or a sudden scent or lingering fragrance. Nature signs are also very common and can show up as butterflies, birds, eagles, ladybugs, a blooming flower a buzzing honey bee. Finding random items such as a shiny coin, a special seashell or heart-shaped stone are also heavenly messages. These fun signs are usually accompanied by a quiet understanding that it is your loved one. You think of them as you witness the occurrence as a confirmation that they are indeed there with you in the moment.

Synchronistic events and feelings are also very common and can be a great source of comfort. A feeling like you are being guided to meet a particular person or to go to an event. Not knowing why you may feel like driving past a particular area, building or sign is another common phenomenon.
Equally as interesting is a play on electrical components such as a light flickering or burning out or having your phone ring and noticing that the number is from your loved one, who is now deceased. My personal favorite is hearing a song on the radio or having a channel switch without prompt, and the song or program is one that my loved one enjoyed on earth.

No matter what ADC you may receive or experience, they are meant to be loving, joyful and a positive message to give you hope and comfort, and they are usually delivered when you most need it. You don’t need an angel reader or a medium to experience these wonderful messages, you just need to be open and aware.

Maria Gurney Peth
author of Angel Decoding, Secret Keys to Communicating with your Angels.

Angel Decoding, Secret Keys to Communicating with your Angels.

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Maria Gurney Peth is a spiritual teacher, social psychologist, intuition expert, and author, in high demand for her ability to connect with the angelic realm.

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