Replenish for a Day!

Each day brings new opportunities and challenges. Often we wake on the right side of the bed and are prepared to face both. Occasionally we have a day when it seems nothing is going right. Choose this time as a reason to schedule a day of rejuvenation. You may be too busy to imagine such a day, but I guarantee that if you don’t your body will force you off your feet. Pushing ourselves too hard is often the cause of illness. So ward off the illness with a day just for you.

Begin by doing a little soul searching and reprioritize your schedule just for this special day. Think just a little more selfishly for once. You may consider sleeping in, eat light; a fruit and veggie fast will clear you right up.  It will also keep you from laboring in the kitchen unless you really want to. Now the hard work begins, you can spend your day off rejuvenation in a multitude of modes. This may require imagination, especially since you have been tied to the bump and grind of everyday work and have forgotten how to play.

Introducing play into your day of rejuvenation requires a little creativity. Here are a few suggestions to help you get started: Read a book, or magazine cover to cover, walk in nature, play cards, get a massage, watch old movies, watch new movies, take a long run, try a new therapy, chat with the folks at the local coffee shop, learn to play a video game, play solitaire, crochet or knit, write poetry, whirlpool away or swim, sing, play an instrument, dance, prance, complement many, watch the sunrise and set, plant flowers or trees, call an old friend, try a new dish, walk barefoot in the grass or the mud, paint, draw, color, scribble, write a letter, meditate or simply be, take a long shower or bath, watch a ballgame, play a ballgame, carve or sand some wood, connect with nature, pet a dog or cat and hang out with them a while, take a nap, people watch, bird watch, then take another nap. Doesn’t it feel better already just dreaming about a day for you to enjoy in any way you choose.

The next time you need a break, which can be often in our cold winter months; listen to your inner self and consider a day just for you. Doesn’t it feel as if time is moving faster these days? The fast pace requires some serious rest periods in between, where we honor ourselves and postpone some of the rushing. The fast lane just keeps getting faster as we try to crunch everything possible into our days. Sometimes it makes sense to apply the words of Jesus, “Be still and listen”. I know you have more wonderful ways to rejuvenate and play so don’t stop here, make your own list and schedule your day.

Maria Peth is a teacher, certified Angel therapist & life coach; you are welcome to connect with her at

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Maria Gurney Peth is a spiritual teacher, social psychologist, intuition expert, and author, in high demand for her ability to connect with the angelic realm.

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