Love & Miracles

“Where there is great love there are always miracles.”—    Willa Cather

I am a strong proponent of love and miracles. Miracles happen everyday, and people love everyday in numerous ways.  If the national news reports focused more on the miracles in the world, the rest of us would too.  What we focus on we draw to us. Happy people seem to ooze of love, success, happiness, gratitude and contentment. Would you like to ooze some happiness? One strategy is to notice all the good in your ordinary everyday moments in life and extend loving energy from your heart to others.

Begin with this ideal of love, a simple word with a complex meaning. Love is the emotion we possess from feeling closely connected to another person. From knowing we are truly acknowledged by another person, and the feeling that we own when we hold others in our arms. The number of people you love and the number of people who love you often bear a direct correlation. So to have more love in your life, honestly send or share your love with more people.

Ideas for sending and sharing love:

Love others by smiling at them, appreciating them, encouraging them with positive words of support, praise, understanding and care.

Love by having a genuine conversation, sharing a gentle touch or a friendly hug.

Show love with a phone call, a meal, or a gift made from the heart or your very own hands.

Express love in a poem, a note, a letter, a song or dance.

Take a trip together, near or far, perhaps to a museum, a gallery, travel to the ocean, the mountains or a nearby stream.

Demonstrate love and care for another through physical labor by shoveling a walk, hanging pictures, cleaning out a closet or the refrigerator, offer to shop for groceries, of to drive, or give them a ride, perhaps push their wheelchair.

Spend time watching a favorite show or movie together, eat snacks and tell silly jokes together. Shop.

Light a candle and pray, share, reminisce or get to know one another. Better yet, light a fire, or a fireplace and dream, or tell fantastical stories.

Sit side by side and just be.

Have a good cry together, show an understanding or authentic support for a difficult time.

See the good in another and share what you see.

No matter how you send or share love, relish the fact that you can.  Feel the great swell of positive energy grow in your life as you give more of your love to others. See the miracle of love and watch your life and the lives of others transform because you are now a love magnet, a center of happiness and gratitude for life’s miracle moments.

Happy Valentine Day, week, month, year!


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Maria Gurney Peth is a spiritual teacher, social psychologist, intuition expert, and author, in high demand for her ability to connect with the angelic realm.

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