Influence of One! Life Purpose?

Making the World a Better Place

What am I really here on this Earth for? Why do something’s I do feel wonderful and inspirational and others are just plain frustrating? Why does pain, hate, war and hurt exist?

We have all asked these questions sometime in our lives.  In my case, I am still searching and rationalizing the potential answers in my mind.  But one answer keeps pestering me; we are here to make the world a better place.

Talk about slow progress, haven’t we people had a few thousand years to complete our project? What is the definition of “better”? Who is doing the quality or control check on this goal?

If better means technological progress, we are getting an A+! If better means everyone succeeds in life, we are failing. It is overwhelming to think on global terms of how one person can make the world better.

Why are you here? Nobel Peace Laureate Jody Williams, co-founder of the international Campaign to Ban Landmines, speaks strongly of taking actions toward changes we are passionate about.

Rosa Parks peacefully defied authority on a Montgomery, Alabama bus one day and set into action a historic change naming her the mother of the civil rights movement. Do you think she knew when she was a young girl that someday she would take such a bold and powerful step?

Napoleon Hill was born into poverty. As a young man he began to write a now classic book “Think and Grow Rich”. This character development guide to success took Hill 20 years to complete.  The book has become a success guide read by over 7 million people to date.

How does one know ones life purpose? Purpose is not career, job, nor occupation. Purpose seems more relevant to matters of passion, drive, determination, and heart. Purpose is closer to a mission of the soul. Advocating for humanity, on both a large scale and on a single seat of a bus.

Purpose is a mother or father influencing their children toward taking care and being respectful of one another, so one day when the child sees or experiences an unjust they can stand passionately in a judicial stance for a more civil community.

Purpose is the co-worker who is there for the team when the going gets tough; the nurse who holds the hand of a scared patient in a hospital room, the teacher who shares her lunch with a hungry student, the politician whom honors integrity when no one else is looking.

Purpose takes us to an inspirational, motivational place where frustration may loom, but cannot persevere.  Collectively, we are all on purpose when we make each day on Earth a better place, a little nicer, friendlier, cleaner and sometimes brilliant beyond our dreams.

Maria Peth is a wife, mother, writer, presenter, and certified Angel Therapist. Connect with her at: or view her website:


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