How to ask for Guardian Angel’s Name

Asking for your Guardian Angels name-

Begin by returning to the Centering Breath Exercise from chapter one in “Angel Decoding -Secret Keys to Communicating With Your Angels”. A state of relaxation and being grounded and centered in peace is very important to the process of receiving spiritual messages. You will find it easier to move into this relaxed state as you lend practice to this process. Once you have completed centering and are at peace with a quiet mind begin a prayer-

“Sweet Lord, beautiful angels, Holy Spirit, I ask that before this day is over I come to know what to call my guardian angel. I am open to receiving and trust that it is for the highest good.”

It is simple to ask, it is a bit harder to trust and to allow the message to come to you. However, this is exactly what you will need to do, to relax and go on about your day so that you are truly giving the task to God and the angels and not forcing a response. The answer may show up in various forms and will often happen when you are vaguely occupied with something else.

You may see a name; such as you would if you were reading an article or a book or even a sign, which catches your eye. It could come through a dream or sudden vision when you are daydreaming. You may hear a name being sung in a song, or a person saying it, or even a quiet subconscious message. Your angels name may be expressed through a feeling, a state of grace, love, or gentle impression.

How the name of your guardian angel comes to you is a first lesson of how other messages will be revealed as you begin to ask your angels for guidance more regularly. Your trust and patience is key to allowing your own spiritual gifts to be revealed to you. If you think you received an answer, but are unsure or doubting- simply ask again. The angels love you very much and are willing to support you for as long as it takes. Please trust the process and allow your angels to help you.

Excerpt from my book, “Angel Decoding” pg 14 -Maria Gurney Peth PhD

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