How do Future Predictions work?

Sometimes you just can’t wait until tomorrow to know how a future situation will turn out. It is absolutely fine to ask the Universe, your angels and spirit guides about future outcomes. However, since every moment is being created out of an accumulation of all previous moments, outcomes cannot be set in stone. Answers dealing with the future are based on probability. A future situation can be “read”, in the present moment, using your present state of being. If in the future your state of being changes only slightly, then the prediction, results or outcome will be more likely. If you change dramatically, however, so will your outcome.

Here is an example: You ask angels if you are going to get a new job before the end of the year.  You may intuit an affirmative answer from your angels or guides. An answer of “yes” can be interpreted as a feeling of confidence, self assurance, and good wholesome balance. Or you might hear or sense, “It is not probable.” Since we are blessed with free will, you can decide to steer your life in any direction you choose. As you are excessing your free will, here a several potential directions you may choose:

1. You change nothing and live basically as you have been living and maintain your typical character and actions.

2. You luckily purchase a Winning Lotto ticket! This action can change your actions and your character.

3. You decide to consistently use illegal and addictive drugs. This action, speaks for its self.

You get the picture. As long as you continue to basically lead your life in the same manner you enjoyed previously, your “reading” of the future outcome should maintain. Any of the other choices you engage in because of your free will, can and will dictate a different outcome.

Remember, when asking the Universe for answers, a quality answer is one which feels in alignment with what is good, whole and balanced for you. A quality response will be more clear when you have taken the time to center yourself in quiet, meditative moments with Source, the presence of good and God, within each of us.

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Maria Gurney Peth is a spiritual teacher, social psychologist, intuition expert, and author, in high demand for her ability to connect with the angelic realm.

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