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There are defining moments in life. I live for these, but I don’t wait for them, I create them. When we are clear on what we desire, that which we desire is drawn to us with the intensity of our clarity. Success, improved relationships, and personal satisfaction are built moment by moment from focused intentions.

We are living in magical times as you may have noticed, days and weeks seem to fly by. “Time” is illusory and not the measure of concrete increments it once was. Instant communication is available through advanced technology and stands as a testament to the time-space continuum. Today in our world, it is most important to focus on and to practice mindfulness and positivity. The thoughts you think today, create tomorrow and the emotions and feelings you apply to your thoughts- amplify the creation of your desires. The speed of life has increased and our thoughts are on the leading edge of manifesting, often within seconds.

A good example of -thought’s create things- concept in my life, is the razor-sharp focus I have on feeling good. To feel good takes effort and mindfulness. Yes, there are many moments in any given day when I find I am dwelling on a subject that saddens me. I have learned through the practice of mindfulness, which basically means to pay attention to one’s thoughts, that at any time I want I can shift my thoughts and focus to a better feeling thought or concept. Shifting from a suffering thought to an enlightened thought is completely under my control and yours as well.

How hard is it to change your mind, emotion or feelings? Often we do this very easily from moment to moment as we engage with the world around us. If a friend shares a challenging experience such as news about their recent cancer scare, you find yourself empathizing with them. Your heart heavy with their dilemma. However, if in the next moment your child runs to you and announces they earned honor roll status. You will find your emotions shift to join in the triumph of your child’s joy. All this can occur within moments, as your energy, emotion, as well as thoughts, have played a full-scale range from despair to triumph.

Our ability to vacillate emotionally is completely natural. Mindfulness is the practice of simply being more aware of the emotional rollercoaster and driving your thoughts and therefore your emotions with care and grace. The moment you realize you have spent unnecessary energy dwelling on a depressing thought, which has you feeling equally sad, you have the power to switch your thinking and your emotion to a better one. This mindfulness habit doesn’t happen overnight, it is a -practice in awareness.

It takes courage and diligence as you learn to switch tracks toward higher more positive thoughts with matching emotions. One strategy, is to recall a joyful memory, as this memory will naturally support your emotional compass to reset. It is important on a daily basis to appropriately react to life as we experience it. Cry if you feel it, laugh, shout, but don’t dwell in suffering emotions, as they are meant to guide us, not be the place where we reside. Suffering emotions are intended to guide us away from the pain, the cue that something needs to change. So start by changing your mind and engaging a happier vision.

As you take baby steps toward better feeling thoughts, you will discover more contentment and eventually greater personal peace. You will find moments of positive mindset will stretch into hours and eventually days of feeling good. Your life is under your control and outcomes match your vibrational desire with your laser focus on positivity.

Want more joy in your life? Start in this moment to create the life you desire, get clear and build it one happy thought and emotion at a time. We are here on this planet to co-create a beautiful existence. We are here on earth to connect and support our earth toward the golden age of greater harmony and joy. I pray this message finds you well, happy and full of love.

Maria G.Peth is an inspirational teacher, social psychologist, author, and transformational soul coach. Visit her website for more information or to book a personal session.

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Maria Gurney Peth is a spiritual teacher, social psychologist, intuition expert, and author, in high demand for her ability to connect with the angelic realm.

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