Five Lessons for My Kids

  1. Work smarter, not harder

Education saves lives! Life long learning, teaches you to navigate life more easily. Learn from others, pick the brains of those whom have already invented the future and apply their formulas while intelligently designing your own. Read books! Study people! Make the most of school! Embrace your gifts!

2. Balance work with play

Nothing is more powerful than personal success. However, over intoxication of “work” will numb you to the greater graces of life. When you are at the end of your life, you will recall the joyful times and thrive on the deep relationships you have forged. Long days of “work” will fade, as the legacy and bond with others shine on for eternity. Take time to: play, laugh, sing, dance, love, create, and reflect.

3. Think outside the box and beyond

Don’t fear the impossible, instead study the various angles to the probable, especially when it requires diligence. If you can think it, it can be. Moral codes, integrity and honor are maps to the endless possibilities and contributions for the greater good of mankind.

4. Manners matter! 

*Smile courteously at others, meet them eye to eye and soul to soul.
-Respect each other and give one another a chance, for life can be cruel.
-Share your toys, and your ideas, we are all brothers and sisters.
-Listen and reflect upon the wisdom of your elders.
-Extend a hand, a smile or warm embrace in greeting.
-Offer to serve, aid and support, as needed and within means.
*The trifecta of courtesy is: Please, thank you, and you are most welcome.

5. Trust and believe in yourself

You are a blessing to this world. We enter into this contract of human existence with a consciousness of good. You will naturally know right from wrong, because “right” thinking and action will lift you up and make you feel balanced and whole, while “wrong” thinking and action will cast you down and create a mess. Success in every area of life will manifest as you walk the path of “right” thinking and action. Trust your gut! Call on intuition, emotional intelligence and the guidance of your soul, it’s confidence and consciousness you need for a joyful journey of life.

Maria Gurney Peth PhD is a mother of two, a wife of 30+ years, an author, teacher, and life coach. She  has worked with thousands of satisfied clients in personal consulting sessions, life-affirming workshops, and retreats. E-mail her: Website: 

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Maria Gurney Peth is a spiritual teacher, social psychologist, intuition expert, and author, in high demand for her ability to connect with the angelic realm.

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