Five Habits of Intuitive People

Recently while in a workshop, my mantra for the day was to state, “I’m perfect, as I am.” On one occasion, feeling a bit naughty I exclaimed my new mantra so loudly, the woman sitting next to me was visibly startled, she moved cautiously away giggling at her own unexpected reaction. I was having fun with the exercise, unconvinced of my own perfection. I shy away from perfect, it feels limiting and quantifying.

Instead, I prefer a mantra such as, “I am intuitive, and it’s awesome!”

Intuition is best defined as a natural powerful instinct, more masterful than intellect and alarmingly wondrous. Almost everyone has experienced the “gut feeling”, the unconscious reasoning that safely guides us. Sometimes you just know, without comprehending why you know. Many of us have experienced a time when we should have followed our intuitive hit, but ignored it and ended up wishing otherwise. I may not be perfect, but I have learned to follow my intuition and as a result, life is more predictable and interesting.

It is easier than you think to implement a bit more intuition into your life. You can start by practicing a few suggestions below until they become habits.

1. Habit one is to Listen to your intuitive nudges, pay attention and act on them. Many successful people will tell you they followed a hunch, and it paid off.

2. Take time for silence, centering, meditation, time to quiet your mind and gently direct your focus inward, which is key to engaging in deeper soulful thought. Reconnecting to the solace and wisdom within. Time to center, to receive from Source, from the Universe….and to simply take in the present moment.

3. Listen to your body. Yes, when you are tired, make adjustments and get some added rest before you end up sick. Notice when something you eat or drink drains your energy or doesn’t sit well with you. Then, stop eating and drinking that item. Be mindful of your body and it will appreciate you, resulting in greater health and vitality.

4. Let go of negative emotions, thoughts, and anger. These draining and life-sucking emotions will wipe out your intuition, your body and exacerbate the effects of stress. Everyone needs to vent and process lower emotions, but you don’t need to let it consume your days. Acknowledge your frustrations and move toward a problem-solving mindset where both your mood and intuition will be in alignment with a higher vibration and a happier outcome.

5. Compassionately connect with other people. Boost your empathetic heart, mind and soul. Tune into those you love in order to build a stronger bond by allowing them to be who they are without needing or demanding anything from them. Rather, pay closer attention to their emotions and frame of energy while challenging yourself to understand them at the level of compassion.

The new psychology term for reading another person’s emotions is “empathic accuracy”. This ability is best explained by this example: When witnessing two lovers saying goodbye at the airport you clearly sense their deep emotions in parting. You witness the exchange as if it is your experience, it may move you to tears, as you feel the tenderness in your own heart. Tuning in to your own emotions as you observe another, can help increase your empathetic ability as well as your relationships.


Maria G. Peth Ph.D., is a social psychologist, author, and educator. She is known for her compassion and accuracy as and Angel Decoding Practitioner.

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Maria Gurney Peth is a spiritual teacher, social psychologist, intuition expert, and author, in high demand for her ability to connect with the angelic realm.

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