Everyone Doesn’t Have to Like You

Don’t be sad when someone excludes you or shuns you. Don’t compromise your authentic perspective and originality just to fit into a societal mold. Your unique looks, skills, personality are a miracle. You can choose to follow or to lead, either way, do so with the intention of graceful originality.

Living life your way with passion is inspirational. When we are inspired, enthusiasm comes more easily. When we are in the flow of our authentic soulful existence, we are more connected to divinity. Let your soulful spirit guide you. Take the golden rule to the greatest extent and express “love and compassion” to everyone you encounter, including yourself.

Perhaps it is my age or that I have graduated to a new level of tolerance, but I am not bothered by the differing opinions of others. I listen, reflect, and either agree or disagree. I don’t have to win some unforeseen contest or impose my views. I am not sure when the need to be liked or accepted shifted for me, I just know I like feeling comfortable with being uniquely me.

Love the variety in the human race, the kaleidoscope of talents, ideas, expressions and appearances. Everyone doesn’t have to like you, for it is much easier to tolerate even the most disagreeable person, if you are not concerning yourself with meeting the unspoken expectation. Focus on being you, as authentically and naturally as you can be. For nothing is more attractive than a soul on purpose, on fire, exuding self-confidence and personal style.

Maria Gurney Peth PhD

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Maria Peth

Maria Gurney Peth is a spiritual teacher, social psychologist, intuition expert, and author, in high demand for her ability to connect with the angelic realm.

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