Doubting your Personal Truth?

“ These things can not be hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.” Budda

As the year comes to an end, it seems natural to contemplate and reflect on where I have been, what the passing year has taught me. Words fill my head: trust, authenticity, vulnerability, clarity, and courage. In true spiritual reflection, the words are more like echoes in my mind, while I quietly breathe in the essence of love and breathe out tension and stress. In this gentle theta state of higher consciousness and prayer, the truth is clear.

Undeniably my personal challenges and soul mission include the elements of this message which fill my heart, mind, and soul. Implementing and actualizing the practice of the semantics presented during my meditative reflection is a key transformational catalyst for success in the future. Much of my joy in life, is a tribute to listening and devoutly following my inner truth and knowing. Life and its gauntlet may distract you, yet honor yourself and patiently follow the truth in your heart.

In awe of the power of the “Still quiet Voice ”, it is never a question of whether to follow the message, but rather the “how-to, when and how often” to apply with faith and confidence. Personal truth is not to be ignored. To deny your gifts or bury your passion only creates a mess in your subconscious which will snuff the soulful light intended for you to use to serve yourself and others.

We are each blessed with riches beyond our imagining if we will only open the doors to our gentle calling. Is the calling on your life: to dance, to sing, to teach, to lead, to write, to create, to heal or to listen? Only you can actualize this inner mystery. I promise when you finally step into your power and trust your authentic mission, showing up even when vulnerable, that is when clarity will meet courage and you will finally feel free and purposeful.

Be well my dear friends and know you are blessed with the riches of heaven and more love than you can imagine. I pray you will follow your personal truth and embrace the glory of your soul.

Blessings for a Joyous New Year!

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