Butterflies Remind of Love Ones in Heaven

Butterflies Remind of Love Ones in Heaven

Today while in deep thought, I noticed a uniquely beautiful creature, the monarch butterfly. It gently flew past me, flaunting its contrasting colored wings and landed on a nearby leaf. My thoughts had been on the news I had received earlier; a cherished school administrator in the local community had passed away from cancer this very morning. He was a true community leader who seemed to leave us all too soon, yet with a legacy of upbeat influence and memories to last a lifetime.

As the monarch flew higher on to its next perch, time melted away and for a tranquil moment, I found myself transfixed admiring its delicate wings, and wondering where it was headed. The butterfly’s life is a true symbol of transformation. From caterpillar to chrysalis, to butterfly, its life is a journey of grace by means of a magical lifecycle. My scientific heart knows it is migration season for our beloved monarchs and they will leave our northern breezes to winter in the warmth of the south.

My soulful and spiritual side would like to believe that angels by way of this beautiful creature of nature were bringing me a message, reminding me of everlasting life. Carrying the truth of how we too journey and transform from soul to human, to soul again. As I delve more deeply into my own compassion, I truly believe my angels sent this delicate butterfly with this wondrous spiritual message regarding my departed loved ones:

“All is well, we have them safely in our arms, they are on to new beginnings: returned home, renewed, and transformed.”

All my love,


Maria Gurney Peth Ph.D. is an author, spiritual teacher, and soul coach.

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