Awakening from 3D to 5D  -for a Better World

We are here at a time of history on Earth, when many have an insatiable desire to plea for more harmony and compassion in our world. Most are asking for a change to the chaos we have been subjected in the last few years.

“Can we stop this craziness already?”

“When will we be back to normal?”

Today, divisiveness, power and greed appear immature in contrast to inclusion, collaboration and love. When faced with a decision or a dilemma, most prefer to move away from fear-based decisions and instead choose from a loving and genuine state of being. This movement, or paradigm of awakening, is known as “consciousness evolution”. As the collective of kind hearted people with an underlying focus of honoring all living things continues to expand, we find the human population at a point of critical mass for the betterment of all. 

Congratulations to all Light-workers, Star-seeds, Way-showers, Seekers, to name a few of the light warriors, your time has come! Deep in the consciousness of light oriented generations, is seeded the truth of a global initiation for soul evolution from 3rd dimensional to the 5th dimension. The mantra, “Tune into your truth and remember who you are!” This is exactly how each can make positive changes for the greater good of the whole.  On the surface, it may appear that one is living an ordinary life, often feeling overwhelmed, dealing with bills, chores, decisions and experiencing frustration in everyday life. However, all this chaos works to trigger the awareness of why each Light-worker is here on earth at this critical time. All contrast appears to prompt change and move us toward heart-centered living along with the question, of,  “There must be a better way?”

No one is in the wrong place at this time, all is meant to be. From farmers, artists, homemakers, activist, policy/law makers, business owners, writers, caregivers, scientist, teachers, doctors, builders, laborers, and more, each and everyone is blessed with gifts of the spirit, which is valued and needed. The more satisfied one is with his/her “work”, the more likely one is assured of arriving at their life/soul mission. If not yet, then pay attention to yearnings and bravely acknowledge passions. No one has to quit his or her day-job, when a hobby may be equally as cherished and valuable. Roles and soul mission become clear, as one embrace’s their own divinity. The Holy Spirit guides everyone with gentle reminders of one’s true nature. Pay attention to your inner wisdom. Meditate, practice mindfulness, enjoy time in nature and reflect on the truth of your existence.

How does the concept of 3D to 5D fit in with soul missions and the transforming world?

Let’s review a definition of: 3D, 4D and 5D for clarity.  3D to 5D is outlined as modes of perception and one’s point of reference and state of being. How one may think, act, and react on a regular basis to various circumstances. Many people fluctuate among the three POV.

3D (Third Dimension) is made up of low dense vibration that operates in duality, is based in ego, competition and separation. Life may feel like the survival of the fittest, and one’s identity is valued by: looks, type of job, or car one drives. The human mind operates from social programs taught by societal values, such as judgment and winning at all costs. 

4D (Fourth Dimension) is a gateway, or bridge to 5D still operates in duality, yet is more neutral in perception. 4D consciousness begins to awaken to the idea that all life is connected in some way and that there is something more than “self”.  Values begin to shift toward unity. Community and collaboration makes sense, it is possible for everyone to win or benefit.

5D (Fifth Dimension) resides in love, willingness and neutrality. There is no “us VS them” ,“good VS bad”, no competition for resources, for there is enough in the Universe for everyone. Overwhelming emotions of love, and compassion for life, and all living things prevail. Together we’re better, is the mantra of 5D, and everything and everyone matters.

While we are learning new words, I would like to add a phase we may see more often in the coming months/years.

The “Morphogenetic field”. As expressed by author Judy Cannato in her book, Field of Compassion, How the New Cosmology is Transforming Spiritual Life 

The kingdom of God is a capacious reality for adventuresome believers. When it is added to the Universe Story and the Christian Story, it spurs us on to a new consciousness or “field of compassion” recognized by unitive consciousness, meditation, and intentionality. Cannato sums up this evolutionary development in a prayer: 

“Holy Unity, because of your gracious love, I share in the new consciousness that is emerging. What an awesome gift this is, that you have poured yourself out so generously. May I grow in all the capacities I have — in my self-transcendence, in autonomy, in communion, so that I may know who I am in you and who you are in me. And then, rooted in the knowledge of your love, may I walk freely and compassionately on earth. Amen.

Light-workers and the like, have jumped on a new timeline, and are beginning to leave old ways of thinking and are gaining freedom from an old world of conditioning. Way-showers are moving to an adventurous highway where harmony and compassion triumph over limits and duality. The shift toward inclusion and love; is greater and lighter than the density of ego based emotions such as “fear” and “control”. The good news these days is that a thin veil exists between the old 3D world and the 5D future, flexing one’s compassion muscle will get each of us right over to the newest vibe on the morphogenetic field of compassion, the road to joy.

One last bit of encouragement for times of uncertainty, choose to walk into each day with strength and kindness, courageously beam love and dare to be at peace. Choose to expand light consciousness; be present with fellow humans and honor individual choices without interjecting judgment. Stand in alignment with your personal truth; create healthy boundaries when needed, and above all, honor your heart’s yearnings. Continue to cultivate trust, community, and loving relationships wherever you may land. Act as a force, a beacon of light, with a frequency of compassion toward all living things, and your brand of wonderful will continue to transmute the darkness and fear of the past.

Always, many blessings and much love,


Maria Gurney Peth Phd, is an author, Life coach, podcaster, and Angel Decoding Practitioner, offering guidance for your life and inspiration for your soul. People book sessions for the magic and walk confidently forward with strategies for a better life.

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Maria Gurney Peth is a spiritual teacher, social psychologist, intuition expert, and author, in high demand for her ability to connect with the angelic realm.

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