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Welcome May! It is a beautiful spring day; flowers are blooming the trees are lush, birds are chirping and the angels whisper softly to my heart. Angel messages are often subtle and can easily be mistaken for your own thoughts. Today my angels encouraged me to write to you. It is as if they kept showing me or ushering me to my laptop, planting images of my blog in my minds eye, until I got the message.

So here I am, happily waiting for direction on which of their messages is most important.   Many of you are receiving angelic messages these days. I meet daily with clients who are perplexed about their newly developing  sensory gifts of: hearing, feeling, knowing, and seeing angelic messages. More often now, angels are imparting messages through the consciousness of compassion, understanding, forgiveness, simple pleasures, and kindness.  Sweet angelic messages continue to present themselves until we take notice, or take action.

As I mentioned, angel messages are subtle, and will more often blend right into what you may be doing, or whom ever you may be with.  For example You may feel the need to call on a friend or loved one to see how they are doing. You may know the right words to say to comfort or support this friend. You may even receive an image in your mind as a nudge to say something in particular, such as recalling a former time in the past which brings a smile or a laugh. This exchange seems so natural and it should, as this is the very essences of being in the flow of life. Paying mindful attention to the gentle impressions your body, mind and soul deliver to you on a daily basis, simply brings more  spontaneous and soulful moments of joy into our lives. We feel connected and tuned into our conscientious soulful self if we will follow the flutter of loving kindness within us more often.

Perhaps the true direction here is to simply be more aware of one another and how we can enhance any moment while we engage with each other. I believe the best word to describe this practice of listening to our angels is the action of “mindfulness”.  Let us engage more mindfully in our actions, thoughts and reactions, in order to support a more joyful existence for all of humanity. And when you need a bit of the mystical to keep you going, simply entertain your angels and follow your heart, as this is mindfulness at its best.

All my love and angel blessings,


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Maria G. Peth PhD, is an author, spiritual teacher, angel therapist and soul coach. Bringing guidance for your life and inspiration for your soul. 

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Maria Gurney Peth is a spiritual teacher, social psychologist, intuition expert, and author, in high demand for her ability to connect with the angelic realm.

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