A Valentine Secret

Oftentimes our daily lives can overflow with expectations. The to-do list gets long and time grows too short. With busy lives and constant demands on our time and energy, we often neglect ourselves and those dear to us. We run out of energy and become short on patience. A balance of work and play is vital, yet often eludes us.

A few months ago, a client came to me for an emergency relationship coaching session. He seemed fearful that his twenty year marriage was heading toward divorce. He claimed he and his partner were living like two ships passing in the night. They were cold to one another and not communicating. He feared, he could never make his wife happy, no matter what he did. My client’s worry and dramatic concerns, were evidence of a block in his perception and mind, a limiting belief and a perpetual hopelessness.

How do we break patterns of sabotaging behaviors? How can we reach a humble balance between work and play? How can we save a sinking marriage from divorce?

I have worked with hundreds of clients who’s first concern is their love relationship. Often, I meet with widows and widowers whom are grieving their partner and through the process of several sessions with me, come to manage their grief and move forward in their life. The lesson grief teaches us is to appreciate and validate the love we have for one another while we are alive and vibrant, so that we don’t come to regret when they are dead and gone from this earth.

Back to my client and his imminent concern regarding his failing relationship. I asked him to share more about what was happening in his life and to share his current schedule at work and to review his other priorities. As a business owner, He was constantly on the go and spent long hours at his business wearing many hats. Business was thriving and he felt his major contribution to his family was as bread winner. One look at his schedule told me that his day and most of his evening time was all work and no play. He often missed special school programs his children were involved in and he missed supper with his family regularly. This man was caught in a trap he had created and it was very clear that he had to reorganize his schedule a bit and priorities in order to save himself, not just his marriage.

Since my client is an entrepreneur he does have the power to manage his schedule in order to fit in more family priorities and create time to nourish his marriage. I suggested scheduling dates with his wife on a bi-monthly basis. I defined date as sacred time where they were completely alone without children nor work. A planned time for fun and reconnecting, with direct focus on his wife, without once mentioning work, business or finances. Once he realized how simple it was to schedule a few hours every other week as an investment toward a rewarding relationship, he followed through. Here it is three months later and he feels confident that his relationship will last. He now realizes the need to regularly invest in a friendship and carve out special time for his lifetime girlfriend and lover, his beautiful wife. His business hasn’t missed a beat, and he is his wife’s number one man again.
Gentlemen, a lady who loves you, simply needs to know you love her too. Please make the effort to spend quality time with your woman regularly. Remind her she matters to you and that you love, respect and appreciate her. The dividends are a sure bet.

Maria Gurney Peth PhD is a speaker, spiritual teacher, social psychologist, angel communicator and best selling author of Angel Decoding, Secret Keys to Communicating with your Angels. Connect with her on her website: www.MariaPeth.com

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Maria Gurney Peth is a spiritual teacher, social psychologist, intuition expert, and author, in high demand for her ability to connect with the angelic realm.

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