7 Ways to Amplify a Connection with your Angels and Spirit Guides

It is a miracle and wonderful to know we are all blessed with guardian angels and spirits who support us. Perhaps you are prayerfully invoking the help of your angels regularly, or you are just now beginning to understand their existence and how to connect with them. In either case, I welcome you to the land of Angelic Enlightenment, where positive frequency joins to support you to a more joyful and soulful life.

A spirit guide or guardian angel is divine light energy, gifted to each one of us before our earthly birth. I believe God speaks gently to our soul and says, “ Here is a part of me to always be with you.” And the angel follows us into this crazy world, committed to guide, support, protect and nudge us in the right direction.

There are hundreds of things I love about angels, but one – is how patient they are. They will not force themselves upon us, as they are bound by the “Law of Free Will”, basically this law states, it is completely up to each of us, and our intention to engage in any aspect of the Divine and the loving presence of angels, guides or departed loved ones. Invoking the support of heavenly beings first requires your willingness and openness. Following is my cheat sheet of ways to cultivate, connect and communicate with your loving angels and guides.

  1. Chill out!

Relax and allow, breathe and deeply and gently invoke your favorite angel by name or simply say, “Guardian angel, let’s hang out.” When we are coming from a place of calmness and peacefulness we are more open to receiving divine truth and subtle messages. Be patient with yourself and ask angels to hang out or help you more often.

  1. Set a Clear Intention!

Intentionally align with your desire and establish the emotional frequency of love in your heart, mind, and soul. Our emotional state of being is key to manifesting and answered prayer.

  1. Invoke your Angels and imagine what it feels like to be sitting in their light and positivity. Call on specialty angels, helping guides, archangels, and your favorite angel, whomever you are guided to invoke. We all love an invitation.
  1. Meditation of any kind will naturally raise your intentions/vibration and support a genuine state of being that is welcoming to angelic loving energy. There are hundreds of ways to meditate. One of my favorites methods is to find a welcoming spot out in nature and just breathe while clearing my mind. At any time one can focus solely on the present moment, close your eyes and bask in the magic of your inner world.
  1. Gratitude and Thankfulness for all you have and for the angelic realm is a natural enhancer of spiritual communication. So give Thanks to the angels for blessings you have received and more forthcoming. Living in gratitude enhances joyful living. Write down or journal a gratitude list, as it will help you to naturally align with endless abundance and grace.


  1. Ask for Signs – Many of my friends report that -asking for a sign from the angels has greatly helped them to gain clarity on important decisions and personal direction. The more you ask, the more angelic interactions you will have and your awareness of the angels will grow. Signs from the angels are such a gift! In my book, “Angel Decoding –Secret Keys to Communicating with the Angels”, I dive deeper into specific tips you can apply to support your awareness of the multiple signs we receive every day from heaven and the angels.


  1. Let go of control! When it comes to working with angels and spirit guides, your invocation, intentions, energy, and gratitude will set the tone for the blessings ahead. One must release the “How” to the loving nature of the angels and allow for creative expression to ensue. Heavenly beings have a different point of view, and operate solely for our highest good; so a little faith on our part can go a long way, resulting in huge rewards. On the contrary, our insistence or need for a specific process to our outcome will only slow the blessings. Let go of any expectations and instead open your heart ready to receive countless blessings.

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