7 Strategies for a Happier New Year!

7 Strategies for Happier New Year

1* Appreciate all you have and truly live fully in the present moment. Love who and what is in front of you. Don’t checkout with vises that pollute your body and brain, not to mention your relationships. Don’t save your life for someday. Live now, today! Attract possibilities, think positive, and speak kindly to yourself.

2* No more keeping up with the Jones! Instead, drive an older model car, mix and match the clothes you already own. Go without that extra little luxury and free yourself from conformity. Resolve to live like a millionaire by doing interesting things, not by owning enviable possessions. We are blessed with comfortable lifestyles, and our needs are more than provided for. Test your comfort zones and stretch that dollar.

3* Go out and play! Be one who is an expert at lifestyle design, engaging in positive use of free time. Do what you want instead of what you feel obligated to do. Do battle for a dream that is worth dreaming. Risks are not that scary and fears once defined, perhaps even ranked are easily tossed aside. Sing, dance, surf, ski, run, skip, travel, design, write, and create! Challenge your brain and body; engage and activate in new and fun experiences.

4* Extra self-care: Exercise daily and, drink more clean water. Take regular breaks, to balance work and play. Indulge in simple pleasures –such as enjoying a massage, listening to a beautiful song, watching a sunset, or napping. Commit to live life without the hassles, how? “Change your mind, change your life.” Don’t fear discomfort, it is usually temporary, while you are adjusting to the new you, so be patient with yourself.

5* Love the “right” people all of the time! Nurture the people who believe in you, build you up and make you feel special. Be open to new relationships and consider letting go of relationships, which fail to support you or bring you fulfillment. Share joyful moments, gratitude and your crazy warm funny side with the most important people in your life.  You don’t need to please everybody.

6* Intuition! Your inner compass is a sound source of guidance. Especially if you have learned to consider what I call the “3 Way Check”: Is it good for you, good for others involved, and good with God?  The most important challenges and actions are never comfortable yet; with faith and grace you can and will maneuver through difficulties. Learn to make good decisions and trust your intuition and pray for the greater good.

7* Consciousness:  Honesty and soul-searching is a practice involving personal trust and intuition. Be true to you and don’t fool yourself. Your life has a purpose. You are in charge of how you contribute to the world.  Set your course to live the life you’ve always wanted. Discover the power within and embrace life by continually growing toward a higher consciousness. Never lose faith. 

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Maria Peth is the author of “Angel Decoding -Secret Keys to Communicating with your Angels”

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Maria Gurney Peth is a spiritual teacher, social psychologist, intuition expert, and author, in high demand for her ability to connect with the angelic realm.

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