7 Reason Why I Love to Travel

  1. Uplifts the soul. It fills my soul to explore this wonderful world we have been blessed with. The beauty if her people, the natural artifacts as well as those created by her inhabitants. Traveling alone or with those we love, it is all first-rate for the soul.
  2. Inspiration. Discovering the magic of the Rocky Mountains, the healing energy of the ocean and the waterfalls. Marvel at the majestic faces of Mount Rushmore and grasp the tumultuous history in our ancient civilizations. There are 195 official countries to discover in the world. We have choices to explore, adventures to delve into, amazing foods to taste, emotions to embrace.
  3. Feel like a kid again. Blessed with new opportunities to explore our world brings the kid out in all of us. “Harry Potter World” here we come! We see through curious eyes and our attention is focused in the present moment. We can ride a wave, play in the sand, explore a castle, and get lost in Disney World. All this at any age. As a traveler it is okay to ride on the kiddy rides, eat caramel corn, and laugh until you cannot breathe.
  4. Love and connection. Blessed with variety of nationalities on the planet each of us has gifts to share with one another. Every nation has a personality colored with the magnificence of its population. I have become comfortable striking up a conversation with a stranger and often end up with new friends. We grow as an individual when we see how others live, what they value, and the signature of their culture.
  5. Improves my faith. Wherever you go, there you are. I have come to realize I don’t need much to survive. A prayer, suitcase stuffed with clothes and some money; go a long way.  Start the day with a prayer and some travel tips from the locals and the trip unfolds beautifully. Prayers seem especially useful when plans do not materialize and we are left to our resilient ability to adapt and improvise.
  6. Improves self awareness. Learning to trust your decisions and intuition builds self-awareness and confidence. You come to realize how fantastic it is to be free to chose where you want to go, where to stay, whom to converse with, what food to eat, how to explore the unlimited choices. Your ability to discern what path to go on will come with clarity and the practice of trusting the guidance within.
  7. My own time. No reason to rush! I can shop if I want, eat when I chose. I have ample reason to go shutter happy with my camera. I can enjoy silence while sitting by the ocean shore. People watch perch at a sidewalk café. I can satisfy my curiosity and discover what makes this world tick. Vacations and travel time can be so liberating.

 Travel to a neighboring town, state, or country and enjoy the blessings of our diverse and magnificent world. 

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Maria Gurney Peth is a spiritual teacher, social psychologist, intuition expert, and author, in high demand for her ability to connect with the angelic realm.

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