3 Powerful Words can Change your Life

Sticks and stones, you say? Instead, state clearly your ambition and dreams. Bravely announce to the world: I can, I shall, I will! Dance in your own spotlight, create your unique rhythm, bask in the resonating light from within. Your soul longs to hear the truth of your unlimited abilities. So cast away fear and boldly step into the life you deserve. Start with powerful words: can, shall, will!

Yes, a real change begins with affirming words, for they are the outline and the guide. Continue toward success with belief, confidence, and emotion. What does it feel like to fulfill this dream? Daydreaming is allowed and encouraged here. Take full responsibility for your creation, don’t give away your power. You are in charge, and responsible.

Imagine glorious results and put yourself in an emotional state of success and achievement. Shifting your emotions is a powerful action step. Vibration, energy, and intention are powerful tools. So wipe away misery and replace it with an emotion that carries a high vibration of love coupled with a “can-do” attitude.

Focus on loving yourself, adore the idea, the goal or situation which you are wanting to change. By shifting away from fearful negative mind draining words and emotions, you will immediately be more productive. Cancel can’t! Destroy self-loathing, and annihilate fear.

Start now, fill in the blanks below with the dream you desire.

Can: I can do _______________.

Shall: I shall embody the feeling of _______________ accomplishment.

Will: I will take action to accomplish_______________________!

Start with baby steps, then keep going. Hold your head high as you grin at success.

Now you are ready! Believe you CAN do anything you are able to conceive of. A high achievement, good for you, good for others in your life and resonates with the energy of love. Know you WILL lovingly assert yourself by welcoming the emotions and actions necessary to make important changes in your life. Imagine you SHALL, enjoy the outcome which you deserve.

Repeat the process regularly especially if you run into obstacles, pesky little tests of fate, which require you to define your ambitions more clearly. When you encounter challenges, simply and quickly shift away from fear and focus on the goal. Repeat instead of the true intentions which resonate in your soul.

Charge on my friends, for nothing is more powerful than a soulfully aware of the purpose, firmly set to shine gracefully upon the earth. Together we can, shall and will change our lives, each day for the better.

Love & light



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