10 signs of Spiritual Awakening

During this time of great spiritual awakening, you may notice a variety of new sensations most likely due to our expanding capacity for love and compassion. Finding joy in simple pleasures and seeking peaceful moments will support and balance a gentle transformation toward a healthier and more fulfilling life. Following, is a sample list of likely signs you may experience as you allow your spiritual capacity time to grow. You are not alone in this experience, as millions of light workers are discovering their true purpose and mission at this time and creating changes and shifts through all walks of life.

  • Your sleep patterns may change, you feel restless but seem to have more energy…your body will adjust, some nights you will need more rest, others less.
  • You may become more aware of shivers and tingles on your the scalp. At times feeling pressure on the crown of your head, like someone is pushing down with a finger. You experience flashes of great inspiration, creativity, and thoughts. It is normal to feel vibration around the head and ears. This is an indication of the opening of the crown chakra as divine energy flows in.
  • You may experience more sudden waves of emotion. Feeling sad, lonely, happy, angry etc for no reason. This is often the result of the release of blocked emotions as the heart chakra opens and shifts to receive a greater capacity for love. No matter how emotional you may feel don’t be hard on yourself. Acknowledge the feelings as they arise and let them go with love.
  • Old issues keep creeping back to your consciousness and at times you feel very lost. However, you’re never lost. Face any old issues that arise and deal with them, transmute them, shift your perception and grow as a person because of them. This is necessary and deeply cleansing.
  • Your physical body can change. Your eating habits become healthier. Your whole body and mind is changing. This will settle down as you deal with old issues. Your vibration will rise as you surrender with unconditional love.
  • You may begin to see sparkles of light, shadows, balls of energy, grids of light, movement from the corner of your eyes. You may also hear your name being called, voices humming in your ears, fleeting smells and become aware of someone’ being close to you. …. Never fear! Remember that you are always in charge and set down firm rules. Always practice discernment when dealing with spirit.
  • You begin to see the world with new eyes. You feel loving and at one with everything. Keep in the flow! Be compassionate and loving as best you can and don’t be hard on yourself when you’re having a bad day. Be gentle with your self as your awareness expands.
  • You will have a strong desire to break free of restrictive patterns and old habits that do not serve you anymore. …. Have courage and do it! Clear out the old to make room for the new.
  • You begin to notice more & more signs that speak directly to you on a very profound level. They will have great meaning to you as your awareness blossoms.
  • Synchronicity flows faster. These wonderful events flow when you are on the right path. Meetings, people, numbers, pictures…there are no limits to the coincidences that come. …Try to feel the message behind them and trust your intuition.

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Maria Peth is an author, social psychologist, and soul coach, working to support you and empower you through your life challenges.

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Maria Gurney Peth is a spiritual teacher, social psychologist, intuition expert, and author, in high demand for her ability to connect with the angelic realm.

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