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Maria Gurney Peth PhD utilizes her intuitive abilities, to acknowledge the support of the divine angels in her life and the lives of others. Clients seek sessions for the magic and leave with confidence and life affirming strategies to support a centered and blessed life. Maria’s expertise is sought throughout the world, as she has helped individuals and organizations dramatically improve their experience and abilities to perform at optimal levels through empowerment and transformation. As a speaker, author and educator, Maria inspires, guidance for your life and inspiration for your soul.

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Facing Fear


To live a life of health, wealth, love and joy, you need to move past the enemy. Fear is a menacing force if you allow it to creep into your precious life. In my former career as a high school teacher, I recall using a short story where “Fear” was personified.

“Fear knocked at my door, rendering the hallway icy and bitter…Fear reached in holding my heart in it’s draconian grip, and I was paralyzed in its hideous embrace .”

When fear knocks on your door, the first defense is to breathe deeply and completely to release tension. Now with a calm rational mind, dig in deeper by finding a quiet place in your soul to reflect and ask this question, “What is the worst that could happen?”. Often the answer is something one can live with and move past. With the issue out in the open and the worst case scenario sitting before you, take several deep breaths and allow the stillness of your soul to carry away the worry and tension and shift your focus by placing the problem or issue in a case of loving energy.

Focus on relaxing, and breathe. Chase away the discomfort with continued intention on melting “Fear” and opening your soul, to the best case scenario. This is the image to expand, this is the focus of your coming moments, and days until the truth of your soulful prayer is realized.

In the moments of calm and fearless breathing you will find a journey of the heart. All roads lead to love.

Maria Gurney Peth PhD is an author, speaker, social psychologist, doctor of metaphysics and a lover of all things Angelic. Connect with her at

A Message from Spirit? How do I Know?








Quiet meditation can enhance your intuitive abilities and your awareness of angel messages. A steady practice of quiet time with the divine will help you to consciously gain confidence and to begin to understand various outer impressions as well as experiences in your life. Often, a regular mediative practice allows you to relax enough to move from the demanding hectic world around you and into an open subconscious and less conspicuous mind. From a quiet mind, one may sense an energy a tingle or the freeing sensation of expanding consciousness. These moments are gentle and the sensations very subtle. Each of us may experience a “spiritual” message in our own unique way.

In an ordinary day, spiritual energy can appear as sparkly lights that flash and disappear or one may experience the apparent emergence of a presence out of the corner of your eye. When you see these gentle lights, be aware of who comes to mind. If a loved one who has crossed over into the heavenly realms comes to mind, it is very likely an indication that they are around you.  You may also state, “Hi Angels! Do you have a special message for me? ” Another way in which our deceased loved ones communicate with us is by gently helping us to notice objects such as: feathers, coins, photographs, and jewelry. Many of my clients have sensed messages sent from heaven in the form of animals such as an eagle, a humming bird or a house pet who seems to stare, bark or mew at nothing. These are clear visual signs, as animals have no reason to lie. Subtle impressions can be attributed to a spiritual message from a loved one or an angel.

It is totally safe and completely acceptable for you to ask your angels to help you feel more confident and capable of seeing signs of love and guidance. Arch Angel Metatron is in charge of supporting our ascension and increasing the vibration on the planet. Each of us has spiritual gifts to discover and enhance.  Ask your angels to pave the way, to remove any unwarranted fears and to support positive experiences. You are always in charge, so don’t worry that you will start seeing things at every turn. You can control your extrasensory sight as needed like flipping a switch on and off. However, it is fun to discover this gift and to work to enhance it. Angels will gentle teach and work with you, if you wish.

Your abilities will expand as you grow more loving and soulfully minded. Remember that in order to see, know and hear God’s loving messages, we must first feel love and genuinely want the same for others. As compassion and generosity grow within you, so will your natural intuitive abilities as a conscious caring and loving being.

How long does it take to get to Heaven?


Many ask this question, “How long does it take after the death of a loved one, for them to transition to heaven and when can I expect to hear from my loved ones?” Checkout the following letter as one answer to this question.

Dear Maria,
I lost my mother 42 days ago…how long does the transition take for her to possibly contact me…I am so broken.

Hello Angelic friend,
I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I feel for you. Spiritual transition is a very personal thing. Often a soul will go to each of those people they loved -very shortly after passing, simply to touch each one with the essence of love. Whether those living feel, or understand this message from the deceased, depends on their own level of awareness and grief.

When we are super sad, we are not paying attention to the subtle impressions and gentle messages from our loved ones whom are now in spirit. We are so buried in our pain and often miss the signs. The best advice I can give is to encourage you to try to reflect on the best memories of the past, in relation to your deceased loved one and bring your own inner wisdom and spirit up a notch, vibrationally. As your own spirit and energy lift into the treasures of your heart, you will find peace again and know the presence of those you have loved and lost.

Our loved ones do make an immediate transition and are welcomed to their next birth by angels and souls familiar to them. A soul group receives and supports their needs on this new journey, very similar to being born into a physical body, where we are welcomed by those who care and love us. Signs from above can include: a gentle tingle, a warm essence, a memorable scent, a feather, or coins in unusual places. Sometimes a wonderful vivid dream, other times a butterfly, cardinal, or eagle catches your eye and you are remind of the departed. Sometimes we experience hearing a favorite song and know it’s a message. Even more special, a young child comes up to you and shares something about that loved you you miss so much and the child’s message is undeniably perfect.