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Maria Gurney Peth PhD utilizes her intuitive abilities, to acknowledge the support of the divine angels in her life and the lives of others. Clients seek sessions for the magic and leave with confidence and life affirming strategies to support a centered and blessed life. Maria’s expertise is sought throughout the world, as she has helped individuals and organizations dramatically improve their experience and abilities to perform at optimal levels through empowerment and transformation. As a speaker, author and educator, Maria inspires, guidance for your life and inspiration for your soul.

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How long does it take to get to Heaven?


Many ask this question, “How long does it take after the death of a loved one, for them to transition to heaven and when can I expect to hear from my loved ones?” Checkout the following letter as one answer to this question.

Dear Maria,
I lost my mother 42 days ago…how long does the transition take for her to possibly contact me…I am so broken.

Hello Angelic friend,
I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I feel for you. Spiritual transition is a very personal thing. Often a soul will go to each of those people they loved -very shortly after passing, simply to touch each one with the essence of love. Whether those living feel, or understand this message from the deceased, depends on their own level of awareness and grief.

When we are super sad, we are not paying attention to the subtle impressions and gentle messages from our loved ones whom are now in spirit. We are so buried in our pain and often miss the signs. The best advice I can give is to encourage you to try to reflect on the best memories of the past, in relation to your deceased loved one and bring your own inner wisdom and spirit up a notch, vibrationally. As your own spirit and energy lift into the treasures of your heart, you will find peace again and know the presence of those you have loved and lost.

Our loved ones do make an immediate transition and are welcomed to their next birth by angels and souls familiar to them. A soul group receives and supports their needs on this new journey, very similar to being born into a physical body, where we are welcomed by those who care and love us. Signs from above can include: a gentle tingle, a warm essence, a memorable scent, a feather, or coins in unusual places. Sometimes a wonderful vivid dream, other times a butterfly, cardinal, or eagle catches your eye and you are remind of the departed. Sometimes we experience hearing a favorite song and know it’s a message. Even more special, a young child comes up to you and shares something about that loved you you miss so much and the child’s message is undeniably perfect.


Three Loving Lessons


Three Loving Lessons
By Maria Gurney Peth PhD

Relationship chemistry draws us together, yet what is it that keeps two people weathering the twists and turns of this fickle life? Relationship experts point to various angles and characteristics of successful partnerships, however with more than 30 years of experience in my own marriage, I offer these three loving lessons in relationship harmony.

It was my freshman year in college, when I was briefly introduced to the man I now call my husband. He was a senior at the time, busy with his life as a scholarship athlete and student. I was actually dating someone else, and trying to adjust to college life. Naturally, we went our separate ways, yet I did take note that he was super cute and the dangerously devilish twinkle in his eye lingered in my mind with nagging curiosity.

It was the following spring when our paths crossed again, I was waitressing in a popular college sports bar and he kept tipping me rather generously. At bar time he asked me out for a date the following weekend. All that week I wondered if he would show, I analyzed the possibility that he had been too intoxicated to remember he had asked me for a date. Happily, he proved to be very reliable and the relationship with Prince Charming began.

We continued to strengthen our friendship over the next few years. From the very beginning, I discovered what I consider today to be proven roots for any longterm relationship. We were two confident individuals, coming together with a long list of differences and interests, yet we supported and cared enough to encouraged one another to broaden our personal strengths, interests and gifts. Loving and empowering your partner for whom they are authentically is an ultimate compliment. No need to fix anyone, nor change them to suit you better.

Lesson #1 Be the best you!

Come to a relationship whole, and then be willing to share interdependently. Confidence and independence is sexy. Happiness originates from within each of us and we tend to seek equally dynamic and interesting souls as life partners. Great couples find themselves embracing: disharmony, difference, distance, discovery, while evolving toward consistent trust, respect and common ground. I find it is unrealistic to expect another person to make you happy, they can and should contribute to your picture of joy, yet you are responsible for harnessing happiness for yourself. Having freedom and your partners encouragement to be the best you can be, benefits everyone as it naturally increases personal satisfaction and relationship longevity.Continue Reading

What you don’t know about -Enlightenment


What you don’t know about- Enlightenment

…And the peace of God which surpasses all understanding. Philippians 4:7

I decided to use the word “enlightenment”, in the name of my business, mainly due to the incredible instances of peace I experienced with the practice of quiet meditative contemplation. The practice of centered breath and prayer captured my heart, calmed my soul and enhanced my creative juices. It is powerful to “Be still and listen” and as a result, I experienced enlightened moments and instances of great inspiration and breakthroughs to intuitive intelligence.

Enlightenment and awareness go hand in hand, defined as an inner calm, a knowing or understanding which surpasses the basic senses, a freedom of the mind. Enlightenment is born through a moment of darkness and in the next instance one approaches a moment of the extraordinary. For when we allow our mind to settle, and reflect we open to inspiration and greater consciousness. I like to call these miracle moments.

The experience of enlightenment sounds amazing and a bit fuzzy, perhaps difficult to define because it is as individualized and experienced based as each of us is unique. However, we can all relate to an inner calm, to having a bit more clarity and harmony in daily life, simply because we took time to replenish and still our body and mind, through breath and quietude.

My journey of quieting my mind and soul regularly for twenty minutes each morning and evening, started over twenty two years ago. At first it was a chore, a challenge and then when the moment of clarity first revealed itself, there was no going back. I was clear and more confident -no matter the situation, I had a remedy, simply by taking time to go within and center my soul, detach from the chaos of modern society and its madness and be one with Source with God in a space of Love.

More than 350 peer-reviewed research studies have been published in over 160 scientific journals, documenting the numerous benefits of meditative practice. Some of the most impressive benefits include improvement to the cardiovascular system, and reduced risk of heart attack and stroke. In addition, a regular practice of mindfulness and relaxation had been documented to significantly reduce anxiety, while improving: memory, behavior, and the immune system.

For me, quiet time with God means I have given myself a gift. A calm mind is invaluable as I sit with the Source of Universal wisdom and find clarity, guidance and healing beyond compare. Be still my friends, enjoy the peace which comes from enlightenment, through communion with the silence of the soul.

Maria Peth is an intuition and angel expert, doctor of metaphysics, social psychologist, author and educator who has helped thousands of people navigate through relationships, life, love and spirituality. Dr. Peth offers workshops ranging in topics on angel communication, to integrative healing, to psychological techniques and empowerment training. Follow her on FaceBook, or visit her website:

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A day in Humanity -12-13-14


Today’s date hails a sequential synchronicity of 12-13-14. The last of it’s kind in this century. According to our calendar, the next sequential date will arrive in 89 years, predicted to birth on 01-02-03. This is a fun fact, a day in the life of humanity and the ever expanding Universe. Our calendar accounts and measures our days, however does not capture our full experience here on the Earth.

As I see it, the mass consciousness of humanity and our entwining relationships bear a grander leverage. Today we are one, we are love, we are family, we are hope, joy, success, inspiration, accountability, and miracles; regardless of the date.

Today I am reminded to be in the present moment to secure in my heart and mind the allegorical element of this space. Today I count my blessings as the seconds graciously unfold. With my heart full of gratitude, I embrace today for it is truly immeasurable, grateful to be a part of the human race.

We humans are an eclectic family. Like the individual cells of an organism we are the organisms of our planet, each with a role to fill, collaborating militantly. Creating and experiencing as a unit. How effective we are is linked to our ability to expand on a conscious and organic level. As each of us awakens to our potential we establish new systems for our continued harmony with the greater community.

As an individual it is imperative to fill your cup, your soul, bask in the present and resonate with love as you inspire your brother and sister to do the same. Include your neighbor in order to be one at heart, in soul and in sequence. When we are aligned with the conscious of truth and love, we are timeless and eternal. Honor today for the love of mathematical reality, yet join with one another for peace and the harmony of humanity.